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Teedra Moses Is Back In The Game After A Decade.

Back in the game after a whole decade, Singer and Song Writer, Teedra Moses is here to dust off her old style with some new swagger publically. Way back in 2004, fans were yearning for more of Teedra when she released her Complex Simplicity album. Now fans are at the edge of their seat to hear more from the rockstar. Some may have thought Moses went M.I.A. but in reality she was quietly writing songs this whole time. Her writing is now about to burst at the seems with her new single, All I Ever Wanted debuted on her upcoming album Cognac and Conversation. Some of her original fans may fear her style has changed with time, but Teedra confesses that she is still her based off of her original RnB roots. ” I think my sound it the same thing to me because you have to understand that what people are looking at as this big gap, I’ve ten doing music the entire time. Just because it hasn’t been commercially put out it’s just life to me-Just living”, states Moses on and interview with This Is Rnb. Her upcoming album has some intriguing features including its producers Rick Ross, Raphael Saadiq, and record label MMG. As of now Cognac and Conversation doesn’t have an exact launch date, but Moses admits during her This Is RnB interview, “Right now, I am trying to use the EP to pull people back in or introduce myself to new people. I colt do that if people don’t understand that it’s coming”. Moses appears more than confident that her album will be one of her top accomplishments. Drifting from today’s popular twerk-style RnB which has become increasingly sought-after, Moses has stuck with her roots to give her album the 90’s RnB touch, and she is definitely bringing it back with style. Now learning that what seemed like her 10 year silence, was actually spent in the lab preparing for this new album debut, fans can anticipate what Moses has in something sensational in store for them. Leaving her fans on edge, it’s clear that the bigger the hype, the sooner her fans can expect more  launched singles and EP’s from Teedra Moses.

Teedra Moses- All I Want


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