30 Classic RnB Songs That Get You Through Any Heartbreak

I started thinking about this list as a result of a conversation I had with a pal earlier today.

My friend, was describing the heartache that she was experiencing and even though it was

excruciating for her, she couldn’t seem to find the words to explain it to me completely.

I started to think about my teen years and how through every heartbreak or small tinge of

teenage angst, I would lock myself up in my room and listen to slow jams for hours upon hours

until I felt better. Music was some magical cure-all for me.

The words of everyone from Marvin Gaye to Lauryn Hill got me through some pretty serious

cracks in my heart. And eventually I would emerge from my little safe haven, wash my tear

stained face and beet red eyes and begin the process of starting over.

The difference between then and now however is simple. There was music that spoke to every

single emotion that i was feeling back then. Songs used to be written from a place of real human

emotion and/or suffering. People went through a plethora of feelings and wrote about it. They

explained it in verse and in melody in ways that we could never think to say on our own. But we

could make a little tape or playlist and hand it off and those things that we were feeling deep

down at the rock bottom of our hearts were easily conveyed and therefore understood.

The soul is missing out of a good portion of today’s music. I’m not throwing stones at anyone.

It’s simply an observation. Very rarely do I hear a song in passing now a days and think, “Oh

wow…they meant that!”

Now a days, it seems that many are singing songs for the folks that are on their way to the

house after just meeting one another in the club! (There are most certainly lines for you to read

between in that last statement!)

But what about those of us who still need a little help with putting our thoughts and feelings into

perspective. What are we left to do? Well, we can go out and search for new music and artists

that are still willing to share their experiences through song. But that doesn’t exactly work in a


So, I’ve decided to start sharing some of my “go to” playlists with you in case you find yourself in

a pinch! From what I hear sharing is caring! And we can all use a little more of that!

Today’s list is not a complete one by any means! There are hundreds of songs that I would love

to add to it but in the interest of time we’ll pick 0 and revisit it at a later date!

These songs speak in a way that says what needs to be said from the heartbroken point of

view. Some are a little sweet while others are flat out mean! However, all of them are effective.

I’ve put them in no certain order, because I don’t think that there can be one.

Hopefully, someone out there who is really going through it with a loved one right now will get

some sort of comfort from it.

1. Tender Kisses: Tracy Spencer

2. Are You Still In Love With Me: Keith Washington

3. If You Died I Wouldn’t Cry Cause You Never Loved Me Anyway: Mya

4. Cry For You: Jodeci

5. Somethings Going On: UNV

6. Is This The Way Love Goes: Brian McKnight

7. X-Factor: Lauryn Hill

8. I Wish I Wasn’t: Heather Headley

9. I Wish: Carl Thomas

10. Emotional Rollercoaster: Vivian Green

11. Giving My All To You: Johnny Gill

12. I Wanna Love You Down: Keith Sweat

13. Sweet November: Troop

14. All In My Mind: Full Force

15. How Could You Throw It All Away: 112

16. 4 Seasons Of Loneliness: Boyz II Men

17. The Arms Of The One Who Loves You: Xscape

18. Why You Treat Me So Bad: Club Nouveau

19. All Cried Out: Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam

20. I’m Still In Love With You: New Edition

21. Pretty Wings: Maxwell

22. Love: Musiq

23. Husband: Shirley Murdock

24. Free Yourself: Fantasia

25. Not Gon Cry: Mary J. Blige

26. Gently: Ready For The World

27. Silent Prayer: Shanice

28. Do What I Gotta Do: Ralph Tresvant

29. We Can’t Be Friends: Debra Cox And RL

30. If I Was Your Woman: Stephanie Mills

Hope this helps. And to my friend who isn’t feeling so great right now…I cried over every single

one of these songs at one point or another and I’m still here to tell the tale. Hearts break but

they also mend and heal. And there’s an entirely different list of songs for when they do!

By: Skyyhook

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