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Beauty tips for men and women


Beauty tips for men and women

Nails: Clean,healthy,manicured nails look fantastic on both men and women. Fellas it is essential for your nails to be well-groomed especially for your lady. Ask your lady, mother or sister to recommend a good nail salon to start grooming your nails. Ladies make sure you maintain the upkeep on your hands and feet as well. Keep it tight.

Skin: Men can use anti-aging creams as well as women to keep their skin-tight and radiant. Some men have stated using the cream leaves the face with a shine. Use a daily face wash geared for oily skin to prevent this from occurring. To get rid of dead skin particles cleanse with St. Ives apricot scrub. This helps prevent black heads and white heads.

Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening can be a very expensive dental procedure. The good news is people can enhance the appearance of their teeth at home. Using whitening toothpaste and mouthwash will start to show a difference in your smile within two or three weeks. If you smoke try to quit to get better results.

Fresh Breath: A lot of people don’t realize the important role mouthwash plays in your daily hygiene routine. Rinse your mouth out twice a day or after every meal to kill bad breath. Don’t forget to floss, because the floss can reach in between the gum where germs rest. Carry gum, mints, breath sprays for the in between moments.

Hair Care: It is essential to use shampoos that are gentle on your hair regardless of the texture. Shampoos that contain vitamin E are great for naturally strengthening and conditioning the hair follicles.


By: Yolanda English

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