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Celebrating International Women’s Day: a Playlist

Do you remember the first woman who inspired you? Was it a family member? Or perhaps a teacher? For me, it was Selena and Aaliyah and Chaka Khan and all the musically talented women that I saw on TV (after my mom, of course). I was fascinated by the strength they embodied and everything they stood for. On top of that, they gave everyone hope–not only women– that following and fighting for your dreams was a reality. Their songs were the ones to get me through the tough times but also reminded me of the great times. And not one was better than the other; they all had a unique element to them that was unforgettable.

With that all said, International Women’s Day is today and though we celebrate bada** women all year round, this day is our day and we should put a stamp on it! So without further ado, I present to you all, the RnB Magazine’s International Women’s Day playlist on Spotify. Don’t worry, it’ll be up all month long! AND this playlist is not only unique because it’s women centric but it’s also unique because we’re celebrating all genres of music; not only R&B.

Let’s get right into it! 👏🏽

-Jasmina C.

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