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Daniel Caesar Taking the Win for R&B in 2018 (Even Though He Already Has)

So there’s this guy, that we really, really like and absolutely can’t get enough of. Need a hint? Check out the photo above. Damn right, it’s Daniel Caesar! The soulful, R&B sensation has taken over all of our radio waves and we don’t want it to stop.

Ever since Daniel released his EP, Praise Break, in 2014, people have been asking, “Who is this young man with such a beautiful voice?” At just the tender age of 19, Daniel had women swooning over his songs and men using his songs to get women (no need to lie fellas). “Violet” and “Chevalier” became the songs that were on everyone’s playlists. And that was just the beginning. With Praise Break listed number 19 on Rolling Stone‘s ’20 Best R&B Albums of 2014’ list, it was obvious that listeners wanted more. So as 2015 rolled in and another EP from Daniel did as well.

Pilgrim’s Paradise,¬†just like the project previous to it, was absolutely amazing. With tracks like “Show No Regret” and “Streetcar” you could truly embody Daniel’s talent and the love and dedication he put into his music. If folks couldn’t see how immaculate Daniel’s voice was on Praise Break, there was no way they wouldn’t figure it out with Pilgrim’s Paradise.

A year after Daniel’s second EP, he released the track, “Get You.” “Get You” –which features Kali Uchis– was and is still the perfect love song of this generation. With that song circulating all throughout social media, radio and online sites, it was impossible to deny that Daniel’s voice was like no other. People wanted more and their request wouldn’t go unfulfilled for long.

This past August, Daniel released his debut album, Freudian, and it featured 10 irresistible, soul infused, R&B tracks. With “Get You” as the opening track, the album immediately pulled you in and you didn’t want it to let you go.¬†Freudian¬†has all the love that we had all been searching for in music. It is an album that can ride with you through the ups and downs and still touch your soul. With so much substance to it, people can’t seem to turn away from Freudian or Daniel for that matter.

With this caliber of an album, most would wonder how you can close out such a successful year but honestly, there is no closing needed. Daniel Caesar is just getting started. And we’ll be rocking with him straight into 2018 and most likely beyond.

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