Dating With Kids

It’s not uncommon to run into a person today that is single with kids from another relationship. For various reasons, some people may not want to date a person with children, and the main reason is because they don’t want to deal with baby mama/baby daddy drama. I can definately understand that. But just because a person has kids, doesnt necesarily mean that you should exclude them as a dating option.

Communication needs to be direct and clear from day one. The person you are dating needs to know exactly what kind of relationship you have with the mother or father or your child or children. If you have a baby mama, or baby daddy that likes to cause trouble in your relationships, set boundaries, be firm and don’t attempt to date until you can resolve this issue. It is not fair to drag an innocent person into your drama.

It is very hard to get free time when you are a single parent, but it is also important not to let your kids see everyone that you date. If you are grown, what you do is your business, but don’t subject your children to it. They should only be introduced to people that you are serious about. It might even be a good idea to set the tone before the actual meeting. Introduce to them the idea of mommy or daddy having a new boyfriend or girlfriend. Children may be hesitant to meet a new person, but give it time and don’t force them.

Dating in 2013 is tough and it is hard to find a person that we are on the same level with, that wants to be in a relationship and be willing to put in the effort to make it work. Children are a package deal. Don’t be with anyone that doesn’t accept your children. They don’t have to step in as mommy or daddy, but their should be repsect and kindness and the ability to be able to be around your children. If a person only wants to be around you when your children aren’t around, this isn’t a good sign.

We all want to find love, but if we have children we must consider them. Make sure this perosn is the kind of person that you wouldn’t mind your children being around.

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