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With his feet grounded in the music industry and experience with top officials from major record labels such as Atlantic, Sony Music, and Universal, Deon Armor believes in giving raw unfiltered advice to those that spend many years trying to break into this saturated industry. We have learned that Deon has watched some of the biggest musicians in the industry develop their projects. Listen in as Deon briefly explains an interesting point of view.


There are pros and cons to both paths. You see the problem with searching for that big check is that you are competing with millions and millions of people that are searching for the same big check. As more artists saturate the market, your chances of getting picked up with a large check decreases dramatically. As thepopulation continues to grow, so does the number of people trying to become musicians. Lets say for example, I wanted to go to a field and pick me three apples. If one of those apples had your name on it and there were only five apples in the field, then the chance of me picking the apple with your name on it is very high. However, If i go to that same field to pick three apples, and there are 40 million apples in that field, then the chances of me picking the apple with your name on it almost vanishes completely. Although it is possible, I will probably never pick your apple because i only go to the field once a year and some years i don’t even go to the field. I used the number 40 million because that is the number of registered musicians on soundcloud alone. There are many many more musicians around the world. Millions upon millions trying to enter the industry with good and bad music. So now you have the struggle between good and bad apples. Sometimes you have bad apples that have a lot of money so they can pay people to pick them up and take them to where they want to go. This creates a huge problem for those talented artists out there because . I love good music, but good music is not as prevalent as it once was. There are so many millions and millions of artists trying to enter the industry that the chances of making it big and sustaining are very low, unless you go independent. I absolutely love and support independent artists but the problem with going independent is that 90% of the artists that try to go independent fail at making money off of their craft because they do not understand how to be entrepreneurs. Music is a business just like opening a restaurant or anything else. It takes money to do such a thing. Many musicians attack the independent route with no money and no solid plan which leads to failure over and over again and they usually never even make it out of there hometown. They also do not understand how to make the most out of certain avenues that can help them obtain their goal. I’ve seen so many projects develop from Young Jeezy, to Cashmoney, Iggy Azalea, Nick Minaj, Bobby Shmurda, Bubba Sparxx, T.I., and so many more. From my experiences, the most successful independent artists were only successful because they found a way to become effective entrepreneurs and the most successful artists that gained that big check usually did so only after making a major major impression on their own first or just knowing some people that were already in the industry to help them. Beyonce is a great example of making major impressions. Before destiny’s child was ever associated with a label, they were making major impressions all over. Unfortuanately most artists nowadays believe that 5,000 youtube views is a major impression. Most artists that gain that big check know people in the industry already which gives them a major advantage of those people out there that don’t know anyone in the music industry that can help them or put them in the right hands. There a very few situations that slip through the cracks outside of the scenarios that i’ve provided for you. I support all independent artists but i also like for them to be realistic so that they can learn and grow.

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