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Dork Dozier: The Man of Many Talents

Dork Dozier is an outstanding Artist and is a man of many gifts. Just to focus on a couple, he is an amazing designer with an accessory line called taBB (think a Bit BIGGER). He is also a very talented Musician. He is primarily known for his High End Bespoke Bow Ties, he has customized bow ties for many artists such as Jamie Foxx, Nicki Minaj, Marilyn Manson, Will.I.Am, and the list goes on.
Due to the success of his business with bow ties he has been able to focus more on his music. Which to say the least, words can not explain the experience you will have when you listen to his music. Dork Dozier has been a part of music since a child in the church choirs. He has always been a lover boy/hopeless romantic and it shows in his music. If you’ve never heard his song “HOMME”, you must!!!
Since the world of Fashion and Music is so together but so separate. Dork Dozier quotes, “I am going to bring the music and fashion worlds together in a way it’s never been done”!!! That being said, he has a new Project that he will be releasing this year called “The HOMME Collection”. This Project will consist of Art, Music and Fashion all in one. If you want to know more about “The HOMME Collection”, follow his journey and stay tuned.







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