EXCLUSIVE: Kem Talks to RnB Magazine About His New Album

Kem Owens, professionally as “‘KEM'” , is an R&B singer, songwriter, and producer.

He was raised in Detroit, Michigan and after finishing high school, Kem dealt with homelessness, addiction, and isolation from his family.

He did not overcome these issues until he turned to spirituality and music, as he has said,

“My career didn’t take off until I connected with my spirituality. That’s why I take time on stage and on the album to administer spirituality to people. That’s one of the things that I am most proud of.”

I had the pleasure to speak to Kem about his upcoming album titled What Christmas Means.

Kem says, “This album is intimate, and is not your original Christmas album, and most of the songs I wrote myself.  I released a Christmas album last year,  and this year there will be more songs.”

He also wrote, produced, and financed his self-released debut album, Kemistry, with his American Express and singing top 40 cover tunes in a wedding band and waiting tables.

He was later signed by Motown Records in November 2001, who re-released the album on February 25, 2003, and sold more than 500,000 copies nationwide. The album’s first single, “Love Calls”, became a hit at urban adult contemporary and smooth jazz radio, and USA Today pegged it early on as a “Motown classic.” His debut went gold-plus.

He followed his debut release with a second album, Album II, released May 17, 2005 and sold more than 500,000 copies nationwide. It included the hit single “I Can’t Stop Loving You” reached # 1 at urban adult contemporary radio, and the song “You Might Win” featuring Stevie Wonder.

In 2013, he was featured on the second singles “My Favorite Thing”, Kem wrote and produced this song. Vocal With American Recording Artist Ronald Isley on his second solo album, This Song Is For You.

Kem is currently touring with Ronald Isley, and Frankie Beverly.

The previous Christmas album is also titled What Christmas Means, and is available in stores right now, and his new album will be released October 16th.

Click on the video link to listen to  “My Favorite Thing”, and tell me what you think.

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