Fun Fall Dates

Warm weather has left us (sad face), so here are some great fall dating ideas. This is great cuddling weather, and just because the air is chill doesn’t mean that you can’t go on a fun date! Fellas, take it from a woman, a great date may lead to cuddling.


Go to a halloween party together! Deciding what costumes to wear will be fun, and it will help to relax and have a care free time.


Go to a football game together. This will be a great bonding experience and something that the guy will actually like.


Watch a scary movie. It will make for a fun and exciting date.


Go to a carnival. Unleash your inner kid and get on rides, try to win prizes, indulge in greasy carnival food.

Stars at night (cgi).

Set a romantic scene and go star gazing. This is something straight out of the movies.





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