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How Good Music Affects Our Health

Everywhere you look, (or I guess listen), music is all around us. It’s on the television we watch, the commercials trying to sell us something and in all forms of entertainment, you can think of. The use of music to infuse a particular feeling or emotion is abundant and efficient everywhere. Research has suggested that playing a musical instrument has positive effects on the brain and reduces stress levels significantly, and from my personal experience as a therapist and as an ex-musician I think the research is spot on. According to the book Superlearning 2000 by Sheila Ostrander, you can “sharpen your mind with music and high-frequency sound.” A saying also goes that, “music is spiritual.”

Music has a significant effect on one’s physical health and state of mind of several types of research has proven. Nowadays, a lot of health practitioners are using music therapy to manage the health condition of several patients including children with Attention Deficit Disorder and even patients with cancer. This type of therapy is also used to calm the patients, relieve stress, encourage physical movement, manage the level of pain, and push away depression.

Music’s effect on a person’s state of mind doesn’t need special gadgets or a medical professional to be seen. Any layman can observe that music can have the power to changes one’s emotions. Certain types of music can bring the listener to a happy state of mind, which in turn drives away depression and stress. Positive music can also encourage creativity, confidence, and cheerfulness. Research works have also shown that fast music can motivate alert mental activity and sharper mental absorption. Slow music can encourage tranquility.

So what are the specific effects of music on a person’s well-being? Music can assist in many different ways, one of them is There getting through hard times. And also help anyone passing through change.

  • Helps with Depression

We often experience depression when recovering from one loss or the other. Do you know when you listen to good music endorphins can be released which will make us feel better, even if it just for some time; it can bring you up.

  • Reduces Stress

Listen to some good music can help you through anxiety and stress. Listening to soft, soothing music is often used in the practice of meditation to help calm the mind.

  • Builds Confidence

The benefits of music become more intense when it is taken to the next level, like learning how to play the guitar. Learning new things can help build or boost your confidence, and these are very useful when you are facing tough times.

  • Teaches Discipline

Once again, is needed for you to advance when taking on an activity like learning the guitar. For you to improve at playing and using instruments like guitar, you need to be disciplined and also practice to keep you motivated to practice.

  • Social Outlet

The center of social gatherings as always has been music. It gives people the opportunity to share experiences and discuss. From the big arena to the small venue down the street, music brings people together socially.

Indeed, the bigger picture shows that music is helpful in more ways than one. Whether listening to or playing the music yourself, music serves an excellent therapy for human beings.


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