Is It Time To Let Go?

You’re in a relationship and been rockin with each other for some time now. Just like any other couple, you’ve had your share of ups and downs; the other women, lying, selfishness and every other problem couples face. You’ve probably broken up a couple times but eventually forgive each other and make up. Ladies, and some men, you find yourself putting up with your significant other’s bull because you’ve been with them for so long and are involuntarily attached to them. Does this sound like you?
The problem we women face in more than half the relationship, is we get too comfortable. As we find ourselves getting more comfortable, our partners tend to find themselves getting comfortable too. Being in a relationship with someone solely because you feel comfortable with them is not healthy for yourself or the relationship. Once you start feeling content with your partner, you find yourself doing things you thought you never would. You may begin not holding your tongue and start saying disrespectful comments or you may treat your partner differently from when you two first started dating. Think about it- Would you rather be with someone unhappily and content or be alone or even with someone else who makes you happy?
Another identifier that it’s possibly time to call it quits is if the bedroom no longer produces sparks. When you first get together with your partner, the sex is great, hopefully. You probably are intimate everyday or almost everyday. As time progresses, sex is the last thing on your mind. Being intimate becomes a duty instead of spontaneous. You two are simply doing it to make the other happy and not really enjoying it yourself. Even though we hate to admit it, sex is an important part of the relationship. Once the sexual chemistry disappears, it becomes more like a friendship than a relationship. Now I’m not saying that sex constitutes a relationship but we all know that being intimate keeps the sparks flying.
You may be thinking, “I’ve been with him, or her, for so long-I don’t want to give up just yet.” Or how about “I don’t want to feel like I wasted my time?” Whatever the case may be, personally I don’t feel like any relationship is a waste of time. Every relationship is a learning experience that teaches you what you do/don’t deserve and how you should be treated. If you feel like your partner is worth fighting for, than by all means, keep fighting-But if you’ve done all you can, than sometimes it’s best to let go. Holding on can also cause you to let go. The more and more strain and pressure you put on your relationship can cause you two to drift apart.
I’ll leave you with this…
Happiness does not come from another person, but from within. You are the only person who can make yourself happy. When you look for happiness in others you tend to find misery. How can someone else make you happy when you can’t make yourself happy? Before being in a relationship you should reevaluate yourself and your self worth. Once you realize how special you are and come to love yourself, no one can come between you and your happiness.

By: Simone Grant

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