K. Michelle – Crazy Like You (Review)

Relationships. It can be the best and worst thing can happen in one’s life. One thing for sure is you live and you learn from them. From K. Michelle’s new album, Kimberly: The People That I Used to Know, Crazy Like You explores the directions and depths a toxic relationship can pull you in.

An understated R&B back track takes us to K. Michelle’s favorable sound. I cannot relate to this song per se; however, I have had some people in my life that has put me through similar experiences and people who I know that have experienced something like this as well. When in a relationship, one can be put under a spell. The relationship can be so toxic to a certain point, one might as well be inhaling gasoline fumes. Yet, one will do pretty much anything for one who accepts them and feels like they are loved. In one of K. Michelle’s past relationship, she puts most of the blame on her lover. Though she knew her relationship was not healthy, she explains that her lover had her “popping pills so [she] don’t feel shit”. This is something that makes me feel kind of dubious. It’s so sad how people just get pulled into to their relationships so deep to the point they become a copy of their significant other. Although one is reasonable for the actions they take, one’s influence can change the way one acts or lives for better or for worse. This is exactly why she titled the song, Crazy Like You.

“Lord forgive me, I’m your sins.

I’m so over men.”

This is a line I think that all Women should live by. There’s always that one girl who says they are over men, but then goes right back into the relationship, thinking it will be different. Yet, one cannot change someone in a relationship. Who you fall in love with is who they are. It’s hard to break away from a love that one can feel like they depend on.

“Baby you, you make me crazy.

You got me acting like a fool.

Crazy like you.

And baby you, I need someone who

Crazy like you.

Crazy, crazy, crazy

You make me crazy…”

It comes to the point that though one can acknowledge their lover as someone toxic or crazy, you still want them or want people to like them. This creates a vicious cycle of toxicity that becomes very hard to break away from. This track is one of many that explores K. Michelle’s past. The same great quality and vibe transcends through the past pain and emotion in her voice. This chill vibe can remind one of their hurtful past, but just know that it’s not the end of the world. K. Michelle shows that she survived this relationship and got out, which encourages others to do the same.

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