Living in the Real World

The real world is NOT reality t.v people!!!!

I feel like I need to make a public service announcement about this. Just because you see all the pretty, hot, Bad, (what ever terminology you’d like to use) popping bottles in the club or wearing Chanel, DOES NOT mean that it’s YOUR reality! Yes, it may indeed be their reality BECAUSE they have the means for it to be that way. YOU DO NOT!

If you have 3 kids, live in a 2 bedroom apartment with your mom WITH your children, no job and the only education you have is a high school diploma, AND you want to be a model and your portfolio is Instagram something isn’t right! Come on!

How about going to school, at least getting an associates degree, and finding a job that will hold you over? No, that makes too much sense in one thought? Getting steady ground before having outrageous aspirations makes a lot more sense.

School isn’t just something to do for busy work, or just to say that you’re in school to sound good. Everyone isn’t Jay-Z, Lebron James, or Beyonce. The new generation has the mentality of being a basketball wife, or dating a high profile person will automatically bring fame and fortune.

Sadly, that isn’t the reality.

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