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Long Hair vs Short Hair

How a woman wears her hair can drastically change her appearance. There are the women that pretty much wear the same style and then there are those women (like me) that change their hair almost as frequently as they change their clothes. I prefer long hair and depending on my mood will wear the colors red, blonde or jet black. I have a rounder face and therefore I don’t like my hair short. Below are a few celebs that switch up their look quite a bit. Which do you think they rock the best, short or long hair?

1380547119_13644015052012 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

Long hair makes Rihanna look younger. The short cut makes her look sophisticated and gives her a more mature look, but I prefer the long.


People were certainly shocked to see Beyonce wearing her hair short. Mrs. Carter normally has a long, flowing mane, but the short look is a nice change up from the usual.

I don’t know too many people that wear a bald head and look this beautiful but Erykah Badu pulls it off.
With or without hair Ms. Badu is gorgeous


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