Maya Angelou’s Family and Friends Need Your Help! Become a Part of the Maya Angelou Documentary

Over a year ago, Maya Angelou’s death left the world stunned. While she led a long, creative, inspiring and productive life, it was the fact of losing that voice–her amazing gift of telling a story, her ability to deeply memorialize a moment in time with a few lines, her insightfulness, her awareness of what was happening in the world and what needed to happen–it was such a huge loss to not be able to look to her–in my lifetime, as with most reading this, she was always there.

Her friends and family are creating a deeply personal, vivid and moving documentary of her life that will keep that voice alive for us and future generations. They need donations and funding to make this happen. To make it happen as it should. Even backing this project with as little as $10 will entitle you to receive a small reward for your generosity.

Click here to learn more and see clips for the Kickstarter Campaign “The Maya Angelou Documentary”


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