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Model/Singer/Actress Sascha Xiomara Boedhoe Gives Advice On How To Bring Out Your Inner Supermodel on Valentine’s Day.”

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, there are probably couples out there scrambling to come up with gift and getaway ideas for each other. While many of us ladies are worried about what to gift our man on the day of love, we tend to forget that sometimes men don’t necessarily expect anything physical, besides us. Ladies, I’m sure if you ask your man right now what he wants for V-Day he’ll probably say “you.” What exactly does “you” mean? You don’t need to buy your man a gift to make him smile. Sometimes “you” is all he needs.

Why not give him the best gift he’s ever gotten? A supermodel for the night. No, not another chick. I’m talking about why don’t you transform yourself into America’s Next Top Model for the night to leave him speechless the next morning. So, how do you turn those hoodies and sweatpants into stilettos and skirts like a model? Why not ask a model herself? Yeah, I know we don’t all have a supermodels number in our contact list, but no worries. I’ve enlisted the assistance of Netherlands-born actress, model, singer, and songwriter Sascha Xiomara Boedhoe on how to bring out your inner Tyra.

Sascha has been featured in commercials, a campaign for Cosmopolitan magazine, and booked for film and television projects all over Europe. The unique talent is signed with MAD Models in Barcelona, Spain so she is the perfect person to ask on how to bring out that inner runway model. Not to mention she has the vocal chops of a woman who’s been singing all her life.

– Number one question everyone always asks. “What am I going to wear?” So, Sascha, speaking on behalf of all the ladies, what do you suggest a lady wear on Valentine’s Day to impress her man? Should she keep it short and sexy or long and classy?

I love Valentines Day. I would say wear something that is sexy, but wear it with class. That can be any outfit that you feel sexy and the most comfortable in. To me, sexy is feeling comfortable in your own skin. So, whatever you wear, make sure you just feel good.

– Since we have the ensemble taken care of, what about our hair? What are some hair do’s and don’ts for V-day?

I think we should leave the everyday Look home and do something different or add something extra. If you always have your hair down, wear it up or if you always wear it up, wear it down. I have 99,99 percent of the time my hair down, so I would most likely put my hair up. Also, take into consideration what your man likes best.

– Now, makeup! Do you suggest a full face or natural?

I am a big fan of either no make-up or natural Make-up, but again it’s whatever you feel the most comfortable in. This might be cheesy, but I would say wear red lipstick:D. Natural make-up and red lipstick. I mean it’s Valentines Day right? lol. Red is the color of love.

– You’re a phenomenal singer. So I’m sure serenading your special someone isn’t difficult. But, for women like myself, who can’t hold a note, what do you think would be the best way to seduce their man without damaging his ears?

I am not sure if I would sing for him tho. That is super romantic. I mean, I am romantic, but there are levels. I think I rather play him music of his favorite artist. Read: MY favorite artist lol. We would listen to tunes of Sade or Donell Jones.

– What do you feel is key for a woman, single or in a relationship, to become a supermodel for a night?

Feel sexy. Wear sexy lingerie underneath your outfit, make sure your hair is done, your nails are done, that you smell good, maybe have your legs out. Whatever it takes for you to feel sexy and rock your outfit. Let’s go.

So be sexy with class, take into consideration what your man likes, red lipstick, put on some Sade, and lingerie underneath our outfits. What do you think ladies? Let’s try something different this year.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Check Sascha out in the following commercials:

Purchase her hit single “Not The Same” here – https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/not-the-same-single/id1073127831

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Photo’s By: Dan Darden

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