Most Popular Genres Around The World

The most popular music genres around the world

Music is a universal language that reaches all places in the world; it expresses feelings, happiness, memories and so many sensations. We’ve got popular music around the world which can bring different kinds of people together, music is always there for everybody, it is your best mate, it speaks for you, makes you feel comfortable with who you are and it is always supporting you.

However, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of music genres, some of them are more popular than others, some of them are better, others overrated, others underrated, others newer, and some of them are older than others, but what we know for sure is that there is a genre for everyone. Then, we are going to show you what we consider the best music genres around the world, we hope you like them!

Electronic Genre

This genre meets a broad historical, practical and esthetic trends variety. From 1960, electronic music isn’t from the exclusive domain of this academic and experimental music. It gets little by little onto the popular music’s genres like Pop, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Funk, and Hip-Hop. The purely electronic sound production can be achieved by appliances like the Theremin, the synthesizer, and the computer. We’ve got artists like Avicii, Skrillex, Tiësto, Steve Angello, Roger Shah, Moby, Sasha, etc.

Country Genre

It is a vocal music that deals, in its beginnings, with the presentation and treatment of the problems of the workers and oppressed whites. However, in the country tradition, there is very little collective political aggressiveness. Unlike African-American music, its problematic revolves around the effects of the social marginalization resulting from urbanization, but with the expectation that with work and individual will, it is possible to overcome it.

R&B Genre

Burst in the decade of the 50’s and derivative from jazz, the gospel, and the blues. The musical term was introduced in the United States in 1949 by Jerry Wexler from the Billboard magazine. It was mainly used to identify the musical genre that later would develop in the form of Rock and Roll. This genre got some interpreters as Ghostt, TGT, DuShouth, Hamilton Park, Metro City, Tarralyn, Ramsey, and Chris Brown.

Rock Genre

The Rock is a musical genre that is characterized by the meanings contained in the lyrics of the songs that comprise it. This musical genre was born in the 20th century. The same derives from “Rock and Roll” in addition to other styles of music, among which we can mention, country, gospel, jazz, and blues, mainly the last mentioned, since it is a very fast style. The instruments that are part of this genre are in most cases, the drums, the bass, and the guitar, and sometimes it also includes keyboards or pianos.

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