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Music News: Chris Brown BiPolar?


Do celebrities get a better dance with lady liberty? If Chris Brown wasn’t a celebrity would he be order to go straight to jail versus a luxury rehab center in Malibu? Chris can exhale for a brief moment knowing he will continue to get treatment at a rehab facility.

Chris has been ordered to stay another two months in the anger management and drug rehab program in Malibu he entered three months ago. The judge came up with the decision due to Brown’s other legal issues in Washington D.C.

Even though the verdict was not the one Brown was looking for, he managed to hold his composer. Chris took a few minutes to meditate after hearing the order from the judge. The director of the rehab program wrote a letter. ” Mr. Brown is learning relaxation exercises that will reduce consequent impulsive behaviors.”

Brown has been diagnosed with having server insomnia, Bipolar Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His physician wrote a letter to the court explaining how his past behavior was a result of not having the proper mental health treatment.

The facility praised Chris for committing to his community service obligations. “Brown reports to a highway clean up labor crew in Los Angeles three times a week to fulfill his 760 hours of service remaining in his probation requirements.”

Chris voluntarily entered a rehab program after an incident in Washington D.C. Brown was thrown out a few days later for throwing a rock through his mother’s car window. Hopefully he takes this round of treatment as serious as the previous three months. Chris needs to get the best treatment to help him grow as a man. Mental health can be dangerous if not properly treated. Many Americans walk around with a mental health disorder today and don’t even know. Get proper screening and education if you or someone you know suffers from a mental health disorder.


By: Yolanda English

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