New Voices: Be Shell Gives us a preview of his new song While You Playin

B Shell is a versatile artist from the state of California and is geared for national exposure with his explosive new single entitled “While You Playin”. The single is a powerful track with hard-hitting kicks and snares. This is exactly how B Shell prefers it. High energy with hard-hitting beats is one of the main themes of his style.

We’ve learned that his new company “Shellwave Entertainment” is set to receive a major investment as a result of his music, work ethic, and dependability. Here is what one of the investors had to say about the California Native:
“B Shell is an extremely hard worker and already has plenty of business experience. He’s reliable and mature. He is the full package. Not only do we believe in his music, but we also believe in him as a person. With those qualities, we would be willing to do any kind of business with him which is why we are putting the money behind him, so he can grow and become what he’s meant to become”.

The stage is set for B Shell and Shellwave Ent and we are excited to see what he becomes.

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