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NEW VOICES: RnB Magazine One on One with EPIC 92

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The Atlanta based R&B duo Epic 92 is set to captivate the masses with their massive dreams
and inner most thoughts. This riveting group has been together for twenty years delivering
music that is sultry, silky, smooth and melodic. K-Tabb and Xanthe know how to leave
their audience yearning for more. K-Tabb along with Bread and Water produced Epic 92’s
highly anticipated album Atlanta Light, which is set for release this fall.

The song “What Is It,” talks about being hypnotize by the power of love. Epic 92 sings:
“What is it about this love/ that’s got me going off/ what is it about your touch/that makes
me give it all.” This track has a smooth melodic sound that will keep your body grooving.

If you ever traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, I’m sure one of the mesmerizing sights you witnessed
was the illuminating skyline of downtown. Being in Hot-lanta can give one the inspiration
needed to take life to another level. Epic 92 was on a mission to capture the real
moments happening all around the beloved city.

“Atlanta lights is a combination of our mental direction and where we want to go in life.’
Atlanta is one of the prettiest cities at night, so many people come to Atlanta to follow a
dream,” says K-Tabb.

Epic 92 dares the listener to strive for greater success spiritually, physically, and
emotionally in the new album.

The group was fortunate to put out music of their choice, giving them total artistic control.
K-Tabb discussed, “You work on your music and try to be open minded. We have to think about
fans and the consumer. ‘We do things we love to do but you have to find the balance.” Epic
92 plays it safe by being conscious of the material they put out, but they also aim to make
music that sells.

Epic 92 embodies realness and looks for natural sounds to help create an authentic masterpiece.
“We wanted to give it a REAL feel. ‘We like the idea of having a band behind us with the
live instrumentation.” says Xanthe.

K-Tabb tells RnB Magazine what makes Epic 92 different from other groups. “We understand our
lane. We do what we do for people thirty and over.” The vocalists are not trying to compete with
the younger artist. That’s not who they are. Epic 92 is grown sex, and certified.”
Xanthe says, “This ain’t fa no chill-ren, it’s for the serious folk.”

Epic 92 shares a little insight on the entertainment business, “You can do it the
right way without stepping on people and cheating people. Have self-love, dignity,
respect and love for others.” Being an honest businessman/woman can take you a long way.

Besides dropping an album, K-Tabb and Xanthe are currently working on a variety show
called The Soft Love Happy Hour. They also supervise the score for a few films under
development in Los Angeles.

Make sure you support this live, energetic, sultry, and inspiring group. Epic 92 is destined
to soar higher than the Bank of America Plaza building, with their style and flare. Check
out their latest single “What Is It” below. – Yolanda English


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