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Oh, No He Didn’t! Stephon Marbury Slam Dunks Michael Jordan

Former NBA Point guard Stephon Marbury took to Twitter this weekend to speak out on his frustrations concerning the history of violence associated with kids obsession over expensive Jordans. He went on to discuss that Michael Jordan is all about the money he is raking in and is indifferent to the impact it is has on the community, so the prices just continue to go up. Jordan reportedly made more money last year than in his entire career. Marbury announced the relaunch of his much cheaper line, Starbury. He claims his shoes and Jordan’s are made in the same factories, and that “His Airness” is all about the profit.

One post read, “Real people know. I’m off the kids getting killed for Jordan’s. I hate that this dude won’t change that. Greedy!”

Marbury has not announced when the shoes will be available, but has shared design teasers on Instagram

To see more tweets and a sneak peak of the Starbury line, click here for Esquire’s coverage

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