REVIEW: Tamar Braxton ‘Love & War’

Tamar Braxton, the youngest sister of the Braxton clan, has released her long awaited sophomore effort ‘Love and War’. Slated to sell 110-115,000 albums, the Tamartian friends are basking in this release.

Following the powerhouse ballad title track single, Tamar delivered a sassy summer single ‘The One’ which is the perfect summer time song that is familiar to many with the sample of Mtune’s ‘Juicy Fruit.’ (More familiar Biggies ‘Juicy’)

Tamar’s passionate vocals are put on display on the tracks ‘All The Way Home’, ‘When It Hurts”, ‘Sound Of Love’ and ‘Thank You Lord’.  Her voice glides over these tracks with melodic harmonies, and powerhouse vocals.

The uptempo tracks include a swag filled song titled after one of her most famous catchphrases ‘She Did That’, and the fan favorite ‘Hot Sugar’. ‘Tip Toe is a hip hop influenced track with a flirtatious message. ‘One on One Fun’ is a short track detailing the coy time spent with a lover.

The midtempo tracks with similar lyrical content about the ups and downs in relationships and being in love include,  ‘Stay and Fight’, ‘Pieces’, ‘White Candle’ and ‘Prettiest Girl’.

Overall, ‘Love and War’ is an enjoyable R&B album. Tamar’s success isn’t limited to #1 reality television shows, but this delivery is proof that she’s a artist to watch in this industry.

4 out of 5 stars.

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