Ro James Releases a New Single,”Lights On It”.

While Ro James is working on his collaboration with emerging Singer, Jade De LaFleur in their recently released track called 405. James is working on something of his own this past Fall; a possible Demo-Single called Lights On It. While the project is not yet fully finished, the rough cut has already been released for a sneak-peak. Putting the respect for women on a pedestal with an electric, yet “bassy” undertone. James sings about a woman he idolizes from head-to-toe. While the song was recently released, there is no word of whether it will bring along another album with it. Hopes are high for new releases after the New Year.

Ro James – Lights On it

Additionally, Ro James has released another version of Neon Lights featuring Stacy Barthe, which has a unique spin on it.

Ro James – Neon Lights Featuring Stacy Barthe


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