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Singer/Songwriter Zonnique Talks Growing Up Hip Hop

Most people assume that growing up with famous parents makes life so much easier, but for Zonnique life isn’t just a crystal stair. As the eldest child of Tameka “Tiny” Harris and stepdaughter to rapper, T.I., she grew up for years on her family’s TV series, The Family Hustle. But Zonnique has her own musical and business ambitions. Zonnique recently dropped her first musical project since OMG Girls, an EP called Love Jones. She also released a merchandise series featuring her mugshot from last year when she was arrested for carrying a pistol through Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport.

With those challenges behind her, Zonnique is currently working on her next musical project and about to film the second season of Growing Up Hip Hop. We spoke to the budding young superstar about her future goals and what keeps her motivated throughout all the drama.

RNB Magazine: Zonnique, it’s so great to talk to you. What have you been up to?

Zonnique: I’m gearing up to do Season 2 of Growing Up Hip Hop. Recording. And updating my merchandise.  I’m about to put out a video for my project Love Jones.

RNB Magazine: What motivates you to stay so busy?

Zonnique: I’m really big on wanting to provide for myself and wanting to provide for my family as much as they have provided for me. I’m really motivated to do things without my family in order to be able to do things for them. My family is my biggest motivation.

RNB Magazine: Speaking of your family, you grew up in the spotlight. How has it been since The Family Hustle came to an end.

Zonnique: The Family Hustle coming to an end was really bittersweet. It was a really dramatic ending with everybody sort of leaving the house. Since then, it’s been really different. We don’t see each other as much because we don’t have those days scheduled to record. It’s a little sad. I keep saying I don’t see it ending for good, I think it could come back because I think we were a family that people like to watch.

RNB Magazine: You’re a budding songwriter, what are some of the biggest songwriting tips you got from your mom?
Zonnique: When it comes to writing, my mom is really big on how the song feels. (slips into impression of Tiny) ‘You can tell when a song is a hit… it feels good.’ (Laughs) I think she definitely changed my musical ear in a way when it comes to writing.

RNB Magazine: You’ve grown up in the music industry, and are on a show about Growing Up Hip-Hop. What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions of being the child of famous parents?

Zonnique: The biggest one is that it’s easy or that things get handed to you. People assume that my parents hand me opportunities. In a way, it’s kind of harder because not everyone takes you seriously. When you are in front of them, you really have to prove yourself and show them what you can do. You always have to work just a little bit harder. It’s a lot of pressure.

RNB Magazine: What are some of your next business and industry goals?
Zonnique: Next year, I feel like I want to put out a really strong album, body of work, and I would like to do big performances. To do my own tour, headline my own tour. Just to become successful on my own merit.

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