Songstress AsHa iFe Takes You Into Her World With Official Single, “SiLvER jUNgLE”

Singer-songwriter AsHa iFe releases her new official single “SiLvER jUNgLE” (Prod. by Virtue.) today on Spotify, TIDAL, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, and more!

“SiLvER jUNgLE” is a record that soothes the soul and takes the listener on a journey through the jungle of the mind of singer-songwriter, AsHa iFe. Uniquely vulnerable, this single explores her obstacle course with a lover who she yearns to be close to, but never quite reaches; the game of tragic love. Though sung and written through the lenses of an emotional exposé, producers Nelson Thomas and Virtue. assist AsHa IFe in maintaining a mysterious haze over her identity. Through the luscious melodies blended with AsHa’s amusing, poetic metaphors, the listener is left wondering and hoping for more. This track will ease your mind and gently melt you into the world of “SiLvER jUNgLE”.

A Word from the Producers of “SiLvER jUNgLE”

“‘SiLvER jUNgLE’ is an immersive experience. Our goal going into this project was to create a world of its own, and we successfully captured the soul of the moment with this track. From Nelson’s composition, to AsHa embedding her truth in the lines of her lyrics, this song is special in every way imaginable, and I look forward to giving it to the people.”

-Virtue. aka Curtis Moses, Producer

“The initial idea was influenced a lot by Johnny Rain. At the time, I was in love with two of his songs that he wrote and produced, ‘Harveston Lake ‘and ‘Oakland Ting’. The latter used sounds in the production that sounded like the texture of silk made from a forest. I wanted to use a main sound that was akin to what I had heard from him.”

-Nelson Thomas, Producer

Take a listen to “SiLvER jUNgLE” below

About AsHa iFe:

AsHa iFe is a alternative electro-soul singer based out of the Universe.
Through her music, she touches the world with love, compassion, positive energy, and honesty about the trials and precipices of life. AsHa seeks to show her humanity and vulnerability through her lyrics and performances, while adorning a hummingbird mask to represent human adaptability and the facades that we wear everyday. AsHa iFe wants to reveal what is behind her mask – her pain and passion; her anger and bliss. The intangibles. What makes her is human. But yet, she is more. AsHa iFe is spirit embodied.

AsHa iFe’s Mantra:

I aM HeRE tO cHaNGe thE WoRLd THroUgh MUsiCal ViBRatiONs.
i aM LifE. i AM hOPe. i aM LoVe.
buT, mY IDenTitY iS UNkNowN.

“LiFe iS noT aBOuT FinDinG YouRSelF; iT’s ABouT CreAtInG YoUrSELf.”

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