Sza Debutes 3 Songs In Less Than A week

New Jersey native Singer and Song writer, Sza has let her talent shine past her Muslim heritage and its orthodox ways in a modern age. She has worked extremely hard to keep her musical talents fresh, so hard that this past July 2014 she released 3 hot singles in just 3 days; Mood Rings, Divinity, and Julia. Sza lets music be an artistic outlet for her conservatively raised lifestyle. She uses music as a blank canvas, meanwhile, using all of the genres to influence  her extensive color palette to create a radiant masterpiece of an album. Starting as a Top Dawg Entertainment crew member at concerts, formerly known as Solana Rowe, she reacher her way to the top with passion and persistence. Once signed with Top Dawg Entertainment she became known as Sza, once signed she was immediately pumping out singles with her creative mind and conventional hardships. The combination of her eccentric spirit and strict raised lifestyle, has made for an excellent sequence of lyrics from Sza. She began with her first EP See.Sza.Run in 2012 which was promoted, debuted, and produced by herself. Then in 2013 she released her second EP called “S”. Finally, on April 8th, 2014 she debuted her third project, an EP called “Z”, which is becoming her most widely known quickly. Leaving her fans on the edge for her next album that will be out soon, which we presume will be called “A”.

Sza- Julia


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