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Tamar Braxton Is Officially A Solo Artist

Tamar Braxton, Toni Braxton’s youngest sister, is finally getting the opportunity to showcase her talents as a solo artist. Tamar recently signed a deal with Streamline/Interscope records. Tamar alongside her sisters star in their own cable t.v show Braxton Family Values. The show has gotten a lot of positive feedback and plenty of viewers.

Throughout the show, we see Tamar struggling as she tries to detach from the persona of “Toni Braxton’s sister.” She will now be able to make her own album release her new music as an independent artist.

Tamar Braxton is married to producer, writer and founder of Streamline Records, Vince Herbert. They have already came out with their own reality t.v show after viewers fell in love with their relationship on Braxton Family Values. 

Tamar is the most outgoing and outspoken sister on the show so I am sure her music will be just as hot as she is!

Congratulations Tamar! I’m sure you will take the RnB world by storm.

By: Simone Grant

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