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Taveeta’s Resurrection

Being adaptable is a necessary must in most industries. The willingness to stray away from a comfort zone and grow takes a lot more than just a simple leap of faith. To be self aware and vulnerable, intimate and transparent, resilient and unashamed is forceful yet alluring at the same time. Despite some of these things being an oxymoron, the 21 year old actress and songstress from Ontario Canada Taveeta has successfully maneuvered through these roles. From the small screen to the silver screen and the booth, Taveeta is captivating audience with her fourth album Resurrection. Taveeta embodies the spirit of the fluidity of the human experience. Her eclectic arrangement of sounds, genres, and emotions details Taveeta’s desire to continue to be an undeniable force.


Be sure to check out her new single “Paradise”(feat.80 Empire) capturing the lively sounds of Summer.

By: Nyah Said It

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