When Is It Ok To Leave?

So a lot of men talk about wanting that ‘ride or die’, that woman that is there through it all, the ups and downs the good and the bad. Sadly though, most of the time ride or die means stupid as heck. Every relationship has problems and I do mean every relationship, the problem is that these problems can range drastically. Having a mate that is a freeloader, having a mate that is a cheater, having a mate that is addicted to drugs, etc. the list goes on and on. To commit means to be there through good and bad, but I mean really there has to be a line.

I followed Khloe Kardashain on her reality television journey with Lamar Odom. She seemed to want to be in love so bad and she seemed to have found a man that adored her. She catered to her man and centered her universe around him. It even seemed like they’d beaten the odds. After knowing each other for only 30 days when they married, no one thought the marriage would last, and then there was one anniversary, two, three and even four. But recently it seemed that the “I told you” that people wanted to say, reared it’s ugly head.

There were numerous rumors of infedility and the icing on the cake was several women coming forth and giving details. Infidelity isn’t that big of shock, but the rumors that Lamar Odom is smoking crack, that was a whopper. Khloe still made pubic appearances and didn’t look too stressed, so I had to wonder if the blog and the tabloids were reaching, but the stories are getting stranger and stranger.

On a recent show of Keeping up With the Kardashians, Khloe says that Lamar is acting weird and he is very depressed. There are even rumors that Khloe is scared that if she divorces him, he will overdose. This has to be a hard thing to go through. We have to think about ourselves and our happiness, but it makes us feel like scum to abandon a person when they are down and out. I’m sure everyone has an opinion, but people have to make these kinds of decisions on their own. We really have to be able to determine when it is ok to work through the drama and when we just need to pack our things and get the heck out of dodge.

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