6 Unique Dates That Will Surprise Her

Want to do something fun and different? Trying to impress someone? Dinner and a movie are common date ideas, and you can never go wrong with them, but there is nothing wrong with change. Here a few fun ideas that you can try on your next date.

Catch a Show-Set the mood with laughter and love.  Atend a show Go see your favorite comedian, band, poetry, jazz, etc. Find a grown and sexy event where you can vibe and chill in a romantic atmosphere. Horseback riding  Go horseback riding together. It’s different and can be lots of fun!Amusement parks- Most of us are kids at heart and there is nothing better than a fun date. Take a load off and have fun. Hold his hand on scary rides and give him a chance to play games and try to win you a prize Fishing- A lot of men like fishing. A lot of women like fishing as well. Don’t know how? Get him to teach you. It is a nice, calming date and the two of you can sit with each other and have conversation while also doing something. Wine tasting - Wine tasting, cheese tasting, etc. are good ways to get out, be social, and to have fun together. You can talk about what you think tastes good, and why or why not. Whatever it is that you may be tasting can be great icebreakers for conversation. Take a class- Ever wanted to take a cooking class? If the person that you are dating has similar interest as you, and wouldn’t mind learning something new, it would be fun to learn it together. It also makes for good dialogue even after the date has ended. You can frequently keep tabs on how you are using the new found information.

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