7 Dates for under $70

Dating is a time for two people to get to know each other, explore possibilities and make lasting impressions.  So, why are so many worried about dating…..because dating is expensive.  Yet, dating doesn’t have to break the bank…..this is a time to be creative and find ways to keep everyone entertained on a budget.  Here are 7 dates for under $70………..

Date #1 Movies in the Park, Drive-Ins or Theater

Stop by your local supermarket…grab some snacks, make the popcorn at home and load up the car and catch an oldie but goodie movie at your local drive-in, park or Theater. Spending time under the stars is always a romantic way to start a relationship.  Oh yeah, make sure you pack the blanket and pillow too.

Date #2 Dive Bars

You don’t have to spend money at an expensive restaurant, if you really want to get to know a person, take them to a dive bar.  Play some pool, drink some beers, eat some chicken wings and bump into each other!!!!  It’s a nice setting to see a persons fun and entertaining side yet intimate and easygoing.

Date #3 Flea Markets

OK so most men hate shopping and yes it can become expensive but browsing through your local flea market will cut that price tag in half.  Challenge him to a game of how would you fix up- your bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.  with items you see at the flea market.  Ladies, this is an opportunity to see his home skills (very important)!!!!

Date #4 Museums

Going to the museum is relaxing, intimate and creative.  You have to opportunity to see how each other views art and culture.  You can get a sense of a person’s character and values plus it saves on the wallet because most museums ask for a donation of any amount to enter.

Date#5 Take a walk through the Bookstore

Walk down the aisles together, showing each other your favorite books, books you hated and books you want to read.  Allow this time to see his intellectual, mysterious and comical side.

Date #6  Enjoy a cup of Joe at your local coffee shop and Park

Nobody says you always have to do dinner and movie……stop by your local coffee shop grab your cup of Joe and treat and head to the park for a nice, long stroll.

Date #7 Cook Together

Depending on if it’s date #3 or#4…go half on groceries and cook at home together!!! You will learn how to share space, items and time plus gives each other the opportunity to check out each other’s cooking techniques.

Sure dating can be expensive and stressful but it doesn’t have to be.  These 7 ideas are just a few from the many that couples can explore and experience together.  So, get your creative juices flowing and finds ways to entertain and not break the bank.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!






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