Ameriie Recording Two Albums Simultaneously

The last time Ameriie released an official single was “Heard ‘Em All” from  her 2009 album, ‘In Love & War.’ It was her first project on her own record  label, Feenix Rising.

For the last several years, she has been in the studio working on new music, now said  to be for two different albums. The two upcoming projects, Cymatika Vol. 1 and  2, are part of a trilogy. Ameriie described the creative direction of the  project as “an amazing experience because there are no creative boundaries; it  is not genre specific at all, but it has a VERY distinctive sound.” Grammy Award  winning producers Warryn Campbell and Bryan Michael Cox have been assisting her  in the development of the albums.

The creative process is set in a pitch black booth as she goes for about four  hours at a time without stopping. “I don’t start with a melody or words. It  usually comes to me all at once, including the backgrounds and harmonies. That’s  why I have the fastest engineer on the planet. We have one-syllable code words,  so there’s no real break.”

At the pace Ameriie is moving, we may see the entire trilogy recorded at  once.


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