Are You the Side Chic? 5 Tell-Tell Signs

Sometimes the signs are right there in our face, but we are too blinded by lust and love to see what is really going on. Let’s be honest there are some men out there, that want to have their cake and eat it too. Quite often some men find the need to juggle more than one woman. When women find out that they have been cheated on, some are quick to blame the other woman, calling her all kinds of jump-offs, side chicks, home wreckers, etc. But what about the women that actually thought they were the only one and in turn are the other woman. Men need to be checked first in these situations, because it is quite possible that he may have led the other woman to believe that he was single. Not quite sure if you may qualify as being the other woman? Here are a few signs that might lead you to your answer:

Time with you is always limited
Does he only come through in the evenings and stay maybe an hour or two? Do you only see him a few days out the week? Yes he may have a life and it is attractive when a man has some business to tend to, but no way are you the only one and you don’t even get a half day multiple times a week. Men make time for who and what they want to!

He only talks to you at certain times
In the mornings on his way to work, when he is out riding, while he is at work, etc.- if your man calls you every morning before work, and texts and calls throughout the day while at work, but you never hear from him when he is at home, at night, etc.- you may not be the only woman. There is no set time for a man to talk to his woman, whenever the mood strikes him is the way it will go.

He’s not around on holidays
Holidays are family time and if your man doesn’t spend holidays with you, or he comes over super late when the day is almost over, chances are he spent the day with his family and his main lady.

His attitude is back and forth
One week loves you to death and the next week he is cold. It may mean that when he is having problems with his main lady, he comes to you, but once they make-up he places you on the back burner.

He tells you he is separated
A lot of men will say they are separated as a way to hint that may they may still have to be around their ex “for the kids sake” ,when in actuality they may be having problems but she is still in the picture.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding Alicia Keys relationship with Swizz Beats. Keys insists that Swizz was separated for some time before she began dating him. His ex-wife Mashonda says that is a lie and that Alicia knows that they were not separated. Either Alicia is a good liar or she really was convinced that the two were not together. Sometimes we need to not focus on the woman, but ask the man about what he had going on.

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