Beyonce wants you to see her on her Surfboard

Ever since Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” was released fans can’t get enough of it. No matter how old this song gets, you can’t deny it will always be your favorite. It’s one of those songs that will go down in history to get the ladies dancing, vibing, and singing along to the lyrics. Just like any popular song there are certain catch phrases within that song that stick with us- such being Chris Brown’s “Loyal” where he says “These h**s ain’t loyal” or Nicki Minaj and Soulja Boy’s “Yass B**ch” that has all the ladies yelling “Yass B**ch” to their friends. Beyonce must have had a predisposition that fans would be hooked on the lyrics in her song-you know the infamous line “Surfboard.” This one word has caused a frenzy in our society. You can have your own predetermination on what a “surfboard” really is in her song.
Earlier this week Beyonce took to instagram to release new pictures of her laying very dainty but sexy on a surfboard. Bey and hubby Jay, who’s face is not exactly seen in the photos, only the back of his head,but we all know where Bey goes, Jay isn’t too far behind, took a mini vaca on a private island. The Carters are surely soaking up the sun this summer boss style!

By: Simone Grant

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