Can We Expect New Music From Beyonce in December?

Beyoncé loves some good competition, and she may finally be ready to release a new track and blow her contemporaries away.

Earlier this week, there were rumors that Beyonce was planning a surprise album release a la Jay-Z’s new rules! Fans have been craving an official release from Beyonce since she dropped “Bow Down” in March. She followed that up with the Pepsi commercial featuring “Grown Woman” and the H&M TV spot where she debuted “Standing On The Sun.” Rips of the latter two tracks exist all over the Web, but still no official releases were announced.

Beyonce even sold out shows on The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour without announcing any new album release. Graciously, she did treat fans to live performances of all three songs, saving “Bow Down” for her hometown of Houston.

Now, there’s word that Beyonce plans to slaughter her fellow pop sirens by saving the best for last. The New York Daily News reports that Beyoncé plans on releasing a single in early December after Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus release their albums.

“Many in the industry have gotten intel that Beyoncé will put out a single in the fourth quarter, some time from late November to early December,” a source told The New York Daily News. “It’s an official single and it’s timed perfectly to push out all the others. It will be out before the end of the year.”

So when can fans expect Beyoncé’s new track? Insiders claim that she’ll be dropping the undisclosed song on December 3!

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