Recently, I had the privilege to speak with Tina B.  Tina B writes, and performs poetry. Her craft is certainly one of the best, and she has been writing poetry since 2005.

“I started writing journal entries when things were going bad in college.  A friend invited me to a poetry spot where I first heard Spoken Word.  My friend convinced me to get on open mic, and after I  performed I was invited to a slam.  I was thinking are kidding there’s no way I can win, but I will consider it exposure, and practice…I won first place”.

When I asked Tina B what she loves most about poetry, she responded by saying “The best part of being a poet is the moment people come with tears in their eyes saying how encouraged they are.  Poetry has the ability to grab people’s attention, and point them to the Cross.   I’m the happiest when God gets glory through my work.”

Thinking about tying the knot soon?  Well if you are, this amazing lady has a business called Heartspeaks Poetry.

Not only will Tina B write a poem for your wedding, she will perform her custom poem on your big day.

“Heartspeaks started almost a year ago.  I will interview the bride and groom 30 minutes each, and design custom poem that fits tone of the relationship.”

Talk about a treat, Tina B works closely with a music producer, and does two rounds of revisions.

You can click on Heartspeaks Poetry to view this awesome website.

Having Tina B perform at your wedding is something you will never forget.  She will certainly put her all in her poem to make sure your wedding is unforgettable.

Even though I am not engaged, I have already booked Tina B for my wedding!   The sky is the limit for Tina B, and I can’t wait to see the great things in store for her in the future.

You can keep up with Tina B on her website at www.tinabpoetry.com, and you can also follow her on Twitter @TinaBPoetry.

Check out the video below of Tina B. performing during a wedding ceremony.

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