Frank Ocean’s Anticipated Album, Channel Orange

Recently, Frank Ocean came clean about his sexuality. Everyone was shocked! Personally, I commend Frank for opening up about his sexuality. Most men, especially men in the industry, would NEVER be able to reveal that their sexual preference is men. Many would be embarrassed and ashamed. Because of societies perceptions about being gay, many people feel that it emasculates the male sex. To me, it empowers the male sex. It takes a real man to keep it 100 with himself.

Opening up about his sexuality and having to receive both negative and positive feedback, did not stop Frank from making music, In fact, he released his anticipated album, Channel Orange. One word to describe this album is REAL because that is exactly what Frank Ocean is.

On his twitter page, he tweeted…


If you loved “Novacane” than you will most definitely love his new album.

Each song on his album is remarkable. I can see these songs making it to the Billboard’s Top 100 because of how much passion Frank put in to each and every song. My two favorite songs are “Love Lost” and “Bad Religion.”

“Love Lost” should be every girls’ anthem. This song discusses the problem with some young women today, which is falling in love with the wrong man and trying to live up to their expectations. “Double D. Big full breasts on my baby” is a line from this song that explains itself. Women are objectified by men and they feel in order to be noticed or loved by any man, they have to have big voluptuous breasts and a big butt. “Now you’re lost. Lost in the heat of it all. Girl you know you’re lost.” This lyric stands out the most to me. Women tend to get lost in the things men can do for them, and will allow themselves to get treated any kind of way just so they can live a lavish lifestyle.

I love “Bad Religion” because in this song Frank Ocean opens up about his sexuality. “I could never make him love me. Never make him love me” is a line quoted from this song. The concept of the song is Frank driving around in a taxi and he is telling the taxi driver about his love for a man. To him, the love he has for this man, is like a bad religion. “It’s a bad religion. To be in love with someone. Who could never love you.” Being in love with someone who does not feel the same way back, is one of the worst feelings ever. Men and women can relate to this because I know we all have really liked or even loved someone who did not feel the same way back. This is why this is my favorite song on the album, because it talks about a  real issue that we all have gone through in our lives.

Check out Frank Ocean’s performance on the Jimmy Fallon show.

I love this album, and I know you will too.

RnB Magazine would like to congratulate Frank Ocean on his new found freedom and his new album. Good luck on your future endeavors!

By: Simone Grant

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