How Do You Leave the Friend Zone?

Have you ever been friends with the opposite sex, and then one day just like that you see him or her in a whole new light?

It can be scary, and confusing to all of a sudden start crushing on someone that was previously just a friend. There is the fear that they might not feel the same, as well as the possibility that if the relationship doesn’t work, you may end up hating each other.

To admit your feelings may cause trouble, but to keep them hidden may cause heartache. You might  have to watch him or her go out on dates, or remain in a relationship and you suddenly wish it was you they were with. You want to offer unbiased advice when asked, but your feelings won’t let you. Until you get your feelings off your chest, you will always having that nagging what if, in the back of your mind.

I asked some folks how do you leave the friend zone, and these are the answers I got:

Be honest
We’re adults. Communication is the key to everything. He or she could feel the same way, and it may result in a beautiful relationship, or they might not feel the same and you are crushed. But at least you will know. It is more torturous to keep such a big secret from someone that you consider a friend.

Ladies invite him over in set a sexier mood
If he can read between the lines he may notice lit candles, or that you dressed up, did your make-up, etc. Some women have trouble being the aggressor so flirt just enough to let him know that we are interested, but we leave the ball in his court. If he doesn’t respond to your sudden change in behavior, maybe he isn’t interested.

Go on outings together
Maybe you’ve hung out before, but invite him or her to more places. Let the fun times begin and let the conversation flow. If he or she feels the same, the chemistry will ultimately reveal the inevitable. If he or she enjoys your company they will look forward to even more outings.


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