ICYMI: Kehlani Speaks on ‘SweetSexySavage’ Album Anniversary

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In case you missed it, Kehlani’s SweetSexySavage dropped a year ago from January 27th and she made sure to wish it a happy anniversary. The singer took to Instagram to reflect on the album, where she was mentally at the time of the album and how much she has healed since then. And of course, she thanked her fans.

As most know, Kehlani had a rough year last year. Not only was she dealing with a lot of unnecessary judgement on social media but she was also dealing with personal matters. And like any human being, those things at once can really break down a person but she gathered the energy to heal and used her tour to change the negative into positive.

Read Kehlani’s entire message below and use this as an inspiration for when you’re having a tough time. Negatives can be spun into positives if you let it happen!

I started this album feeling like I had something to prove to the world, the mixtape had made some sort of wild history and the pressure was immense. In the middle of the album process my life changed forever! After a few months break I came back to work on it but wasn’t the same girl. Didn’t recognize my new self in any of the music… but I had to finish. I didn’t have time. Ill admit, putting out this album was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done because on Jan 27th last year I ain’t really fuck with IT or ME. Touring this album saved my life!!! Supported by y’all’s epic ass energy I uplifted myself every night with songs like “Too Much” and “Piece of Mind”. Found my strength again with Hold Me By the heart.. and what I’m most thankful for was ALL THE FUN (the rest of the damn songs lololol long ass album) This album wasn’t “You Should Be Here” deep, it was the most high spirited project I’ve made so far that I didn’t know I needed so much for myself. I healed with this music as a listener and performer. Every night on that tour you guys gave me reasons to get better and b stronger. Every time you tell me this album changed something for you I get the wildest feeling because we’re in the same shoes. Thank you everyone who worked on this, but more importantly everyone who was there during this album process as a friend/family. This wasn’t a piece of a music it was a time stamp in my life. SSS was a bandaid, and the best one at that. I love y’all! I hope whatever you are doing makes you happy, I hope you fall in love with yourself if you aren’t already, and I hope the people around you remind you to keep pushing no matter what. Enjoy life, nothings as serious as it seems. LOVE! Happy 1 year Lil baby.

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