Is Keyshia Cole and Husband Boobie Gibson’s Marriage in Trouble?

A few weeks ago there was speculation that Keyshia and husband Daniel Boobie Gibson were having marital problems. Boobie even tweeted that he wasn’t afraid when he was robbed at gunpoint, and that he in fact wanted to die. These are certainly not words from a person that is happy.

Well Keyshia’s ex boo Young Jeezy had a birthday bash this past weekend at Club Compound and Keyshia showed up, minus her husband. Maybe it was just innocent, but it may not be wise to show up at an ex’s bash in the wake of marital problems.

Keyshia and Jeezy dated about two years, but they kept the relationship very private. Both parties have different stories as to how things ended. Keyshia stated in an interview that her boyfriend proposed and she declined because she wan’t ready to be a submissive wife. Jeezy however stated in an interview that his girlfriend proposed to him, and he just wasn’t ready. Keyshia was also caught on camera a few years back, in the same club with Jeezy. On the mic she talked about getting over heartbreak and then said, “Shout out to Jeezy. I haven’t spoken to him in a year but shout out to Young Jeezy.”

I don’t know what Mrs. Gibson has going on, and Lord knows I love some Young Jeezy, but work on your marriage honey. Leave the past in the past.

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