Is She Having an Emotional Affair?

Men often get a bad rap for being cheaters, but truthfully women cheat too. I can’t say who cheats the most, but women certainly aren’t exempt from cheating, and there have been some good men done wrong by cheating women. There are two types of cheating, physical cheating and emotional cheating and while there are women that are just in it for the sex, most women have emotional affairs.
What is emotional cheating? It is when an innocent relationship turns into a little more than friendship, even though no sex is involved. In my opinion emotional cheating is more dangerous than physical cheating. A lot of times physical cheating is just a wam bam thank you ma’am type of thing, but emotions turn it into a whole nother game. When you gain a woman’s trust, her friendship and she feels that you are always there for her, you become her knight in shining armor and the next thing that you are sure to get is her heart.

Just because your girlfriend or wife has a male friend doesn’t mean that anything inappropriate is going on. If you are comfortable with your significant other having friends of the opposite sex that is completely fine too, but there are always signs to watch for to be sure that she is not having an emotional affair.

Does she talk about him a lot?
Women tend to gush when we have crushes. Without even recognizing it, we sometimes talk about the person that we like a bit too much. No matter what the conversation is about, we will find a way to squeeze that person into the topic. Beware if your mate brings up her male friend often in your conversations.
Does she spend a lot of time with him?
Even if she says that it is innocent, be weary of your woman spending a lot of time with her male friend. There is a fine line between spending time with a friend and dating. Be sure that you don’t let him move in and take your spot by wining and dining your woman.
Is she detached from you?
Has she suddenly stopped talking to you as much? Has she stopped sharing her feelings, asking you about your day? Most women like to communicate and when we stop communicating that might be a sign of trouble. She may feel that she can’t talk to you anymore and is sharing all her inner thoughts and feelings with her friend.
Has sex slacked off?
Yes women like to have sex for physical pleasure, but most times we attach sex with feelings. If she isn’t feeling you anymore and is into someone else, she might lose the desire to be intimate with you. That doesn’t mean that she is being intimate with someone else, just that she isn’t into you at the moment.
Are you arguing more?
All couples argue, but when you find yourself arguing way more than usual that may be a sign that something more is going on.

Pay attention to your woman and what is going on in her life. Don’t neglect her and let her male friend move in and take your spot. If you are slacking on the comforting, complimenting, and courting her, then she may just go find it somewhere else. That doesn’t make it right, that just makes it real.

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