J.Rae Successfully Juggles a Full Career

Local Los Angeles Entertainer and Stylist, J.Rae is determined to live out her dreams as a well-rounded Singer, Songwriter, Model, Actress, and a Hair Stylist. Her hard work is beginning to pay off well with her variation of career choices. She is working on three different singing gigs; her solo RnB/pop gig as J.Rae, her lead singing gig in a country band The Bonnies, and her backup vocals gig for a classic rock band, The Star Sign Band. “I like to play with a variation of music, regardless of what is current I like to express my emotions through music”, says J.Rae.


J.Rae was introduced to her passion to singing in high school, after she had already discovered her love for theatrics. “I knew I wanted to be a singer when I was around 9 years old, but I didn’t become a full-time recording artist until after high school”, says J.Rae.  

While becoming a Singer is one of the top priorities for J.Rae, she also understands that being tenaciousness is a necessity that must be taken in order to get there. While discovering her talents for music, she also discovered another passion that would help her make money and help with her career as a performer; Cosmetology. “After several Waiting positions, I realized serving was not for me. I wanted to practice something that could benefit me in the long run without putting me in debt with school loans”, states J,Rae. After deciding to enroll in the Academy for Salon Professionals, she realized how fun and exciting styling could be. “Hair is a way for me to express who I am with a new and artistic outlet”, she says.

J.Rae continues to portray her reputation around her committed, empowering, and determined personality. Her music is different from many of the popular artists today because she sings from her emotion, and not what is popular. “I recreate what I listen to by focusing on my emotions to give my music a variety of mood”, states J.Rae. Her career as a musician is moving quickly as she pursues her dreams with a variety of music. “I am experimenting with new sounds. All three projects are really different, which helps me become the well-rounded artist I need to be”, she says.


J.Rae will be debuted on Die4Radio with Diar Lansky this afternoon on channel 2 talk radio. The show will also be available to stream online at www.blogtalkradio.com. The show will discuss the “culture, knowledge, and substance of underground music” through their upcoming interview with J.Rae. Furthermore, J.Rae also has a solo show booked next week on April 24th at Loaded in Hollywood.

J.Rae believes in placing her friends and coworkers who help her, up at the top of her list. Determined to make her own lifestyle and career work, J.Rae is also firmed in assisting the talent around her to get the same recognition. She appreciates all the passion and ability that surrounds her. She explains, “I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support of my fans and other local artists, musicians and producers”. J.Rae and her boyfriend Dane Lovino, also known as Dane Danja is a producer making a perfect musical match. “It’s great knowing we have to advantage of staying up one night to write a new song, or produce something completely new”, she states.


J.Rae is quickly climbing the ladder to success, with her hard work and perseverance. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for her in 2015; rumor has it that she will be releasing an array of new music. Additionally, she plans to book more upcoming shows and even a possible upcoming tour.


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