Libra: R&B artists under this sign

Lots of people believe that the zodiac signs are a real and powerful thing, other people don’t, however, doesn’t matter if you’re a believer or not, because we all have a zodiac sign. But what is this anyway? It is used to know your characteristics and sometimes things that could happen in the future, and due to the definition I just gave you, some people don’t think this is a real thing. However, today we’ve brought 4 R&B and Hip-Hop celebrities that are Libra, the zodiac sign we are in currently. Later, you will be able to know some artists and their zodiac sign from the current one.

The zodiac signs of some celebrities in the R&B and Hip-Hop world on this current sign

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and it is likely that people under this sign are some of the most balanced in the horoscope. Those who were born between September 23 and October 22 are the zodiac sign of Libra. So now, you’ll know the celebrities under this zodiac sign, and you’ll learn something about these artists too, let’s start.

Lil Wayne

The Hip-Hop celebrity was born on September 7th, so that’s why he belongs to this category. It is known that Wayne is quite indecisive. This could be noticed on separate occasions when he has not been able to decide on something. This is a feature that the Libra people have. That is, he likes to analyse all the options on the table, and he has a hard time thinking about which could be the right one.


This is the next one in our list; he was born on October 14th. Tenderness is a trait from Usher, our R&B singer, and also from the people who are Libra. You can notice it, although he isn’t as active as he used to be in the industry, anyways, if you do a little research about who is this artist, you can notice that he is Libra for sure because of his tenderness.


The Hip-Hop interpreter was born on October 17th, we all know him as the “Rap God”, and I bet you would never think that he was such a balanced human being, but he is. What do I want to say exactly? Well, this justifies why is he always trying to balance things all the time, you can see that when you listen to his songs. He also has another feature from the zodiac sign Libra; he is very diplomatic, you know, he never tries to hurt or degrade no one.


And last, this is an R&B celebrity, which was born one day after Eminem, on October 18th. Ne-Yo is a very romantic person, and all the people who are Libra are passionate. Even if is only with one person, they’re very cheesy when they want to and when they’re in love. If you’ve listened to a Ne-Yo’s song, you should know that he’s a very romantic person, and also because of the way how he treats his wife.

List of other artists under the Libra zodiac sign

Avril Lavigne
Bruce Springsteen
Bruno Mars
Gwen Stefani
Mariska Veres
Ray Charles
Snoop Dogg
Toni Braxton
Wanda Jackson


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