Love and Marriage

Were any of you surprised when Love & Hip Hop Atlanta showed 2 new episodes in one week, a week or so ago? Yes, I was too, but these last 2 episodes were so juicy that it would have been torture to wait another week. As there are many shocking revelations, the one that captivates us each and every week is the complicated relationship between Mimi and Nikko. Though viewers are tuned in to see all the cast members drama-filled lives, the infamous Nikko and Mimi keep us entertained weekly. From previous relationships to the sextape that had all of America tuned in, these lovebirds have been through rocks and rivers for the past year.
Last week we learned something new about the intriguing couple-Nikko is still married! Just last night, viewers were stunned when Mimi had a sit down with one of his ex closest friends and found out some very interesting, yet heartbreaking information. His friend insinuated the sex tape was a plan and the whole “leak” of the video was a cover up for his actions.
Ladies would you continue to be in a relationship with a man who was still married?
Here is my take on it:
Never should you continue to talk, sleep with,or deal with a man who is still married. There are situations where you meet a man and he is in an unhappy relationship with his wife, possibly separated, and you fall in love. My opinion is to wait until he is legally separated to start a relationship with him. There are also cases when you meet a man and you become sexually involved and sex is all you two share. Maybe your sexual chemistry is deeper than your emotional bond and you would rather continue to just have sex. Ladies, sex with a man is pleasing but trust me, feelings will start to evolve. A lot of relationships start off sexual and end up with one of you getting hurt. Sex, most of the time, turns into feelings. You can find a man who will only be yours, no sharing. The key to happiness is waiting-wait for your turn at love.

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