MAKEUP 101: Why White Eyeliner Should Be in Every Girl’s Makeup Bag

White eyeliner is must for making your eyes look brighter and more awake. With this bright beauty stick those with smaller eyes will find that white eyeliner accentuates their look widens their gaze. White eyeliner should be a beauty staple in your cosmetic bag. Here are five ways to use white eyeliner and not all of them are for your eyes. Try Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Eyeliner in White ($1.99, Rite Aid) a five inch kohl formula pencil with cap sharpener.

Eye Liner Pencil-WhiteUse as Traditional Liner

Instead of lining your top lid with a thick smear of black, try using white. Since white eyeliner is bright and dramatic, this will create a noticeable, dramatic look.

Layers of Color
Produce a white line of your top lid twice as thick as you would normally apply eyeliner. Next, apply black or brown liner on top of it with a line about half as thick. This will create a double eyeliner look that makes your eyes stand out without being as dramatic was a white-only liner look.

Highlight the Inner Corner
You can use white eyeliner to highlight the inside corner of your eyes to brighten your look. Starting from the corner, fan out about a centimeter on the top and bottom lid. This will make your eyes brighter, improving your look.

Under Your Brows To Highlight Your Brow Bone
You can white eyeliner to highlight your brow bone by swiping it directly underneath the brow then smudging it along the brow bone.

As Concealer
Hide a blemish by applying white eyeliner to it for first, then covering it with concealer. The whites will counteract the red of the blemish to create perfect coverage.

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics Eyeliner in White ($1.99, Rite Aid)

story courtesy of Hello Beautiful

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