As much adversity our country has faced, it feels good to look online and see some good. Media and entertainment mogul Karen Civil have brought smiles to many kids’ faces in Haiti. The young mogul has recently traveled to Haiti to donate 20 computers and open her Live Civil Computer Lab at the House Of Hope Orphanage in Titanyen, Haiti.

Former VP of Marketing at Beats by Dre, Dre Omar Johnson donated a set of headphones for each computer and popular shoe company, Vans have provided a new pair of shoes to each student.

Civil is a descendant of Haitian parents and wants to further science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at House Of Hope Orphanage with these donations.

“Each year I return to Haiti, I hope that whatever I bring, contributes to the betterment of these students for the long term,” says Karen. “In 2017, all students must have access to computers and other updated technology. It impacts the speed in which they can complete their homework, how quickly they can access information online, and improve their typing and reading skills. I want them to be given the same opportunity other educated youth are given in different countries. I’m grateful to Jack Brewer for helping make this lab come to life!”

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