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Over the years our  society has been forced to consume the toxic lifestyle of reality television. Yes scripted televisions can get messy and addictive by depicting some of the most deadliest sins, but  people can get enough. Jazmine Sullivan was inspired by reality television and took her creative juices to the studio, were she created her third studio album, Reality Show.

It has been four years since Sullivan decided to retire from the music industry, but the love for music called her back. Reality Show talks about some trending topics everyday people can relate to such as, greed, vanity, and disrespect. Although Sullivan’s lyrics maybe a little controversial, she felt people needed to hear the truth and meditate on it.

Sullivan was wrote majority of her songs, using imagery and eccentric metaphors to paint the picture of what people will do for fame, love, sex an power. Reality Show has a more modern sound and lyrics that were formed deep within Jazmine’s soul.

“Mascara” is a story about a woman who uses her beauty to get ahead in life. Yes the young lady is stacked and her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, but underneath the beauty she is broken and broke. The songs shines light on how society is molding beautiful fools.

“Yeah my hair and my ass fake, but/so what?” Sullivan seductively sings, almost sarcastically. “I get my rent paid with it/ And my tits get me trips to places I can’t pronounce right/He said he’d keep coming if I keep my body tight/And them bitches stay mad.”

On “HoodLove,” Sullivan takes us on a journey of a ride or die chick. Jazmine bless the track with her fiery attitude and unique raspy voice. Sullivan perfectly sets the tones  of a woman so dangerously in love, she doesn’t even care to recognize its consequences even if it means jail time.

“…I’ma ride this bitch ‘til the wheels fall off/my love so deep, so deep for my nigga,” Sullivan croons. “Bang, bang/Every king need a queen/So I’ll fight for my nigga/Take a life for my nigga.”

Jazmine continues to show us why she is still  a powerhouse in the music industry with her latest album Reality Show.

“I’m a work of art, a Mona Lisa/I’ll share my picture with the world/I’m not afraid to let it show anymore/I can light the night,” she sings. “Now that I know the truth/Time to show and prove.”





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