October, the Breast Cancer Month

October is the month dedicated to raising awareness about Breast Cancer. Therefore, brands linked to the female universe of health organise for these weeks, campaigns and activities to promote early detection, greater access to controls and treatments and accompaniment for women who go through this disease. Also, there are also celebrations, festivals or concerts that usually include and try to raise awareness about Breast Cancer. Here are some activities to do and others you can attend.

Activities to do in the Breast Cancer month

“Let our message go further!” The motto of the Honorary Commission of Fight against Cancer for the campaign of this years is “Let our message go further!” The proposal is to write in group messages regarding the prevention of Breast Cancer in “comets” and generate various actions in different areas, as explained on its website. “We chose the kite because it is an object that reaches high, reaches far, reaches everywhere.

It symbolises a challenge to achieve something valuable. We identify with the concept of the word comet associated with freedom, pleasant sensations, not lose the illusion, dreams that fly, let the imagination go, empower ourselves and be part of our destiny”, and added the text. “You can do this during the month to show support for wrestling women, plus it is fun and entertaining, to taste in front of the mirror.”

Look Good, Feel Better

There will also be new free “Look Good, Feel Better” workshops this month, and they’re available in many countries, and if the place you live in is not included, you can start by taking the first step in creating this campaign. In the meetings, they offer techniques of makeup and beauty to continue during the cancer treatment, so it is constructive.

Amsterdam Dance Event

There are also festivals which support Breast Cancer, like the Amsterdam Dance Event. It will be celebrated this year from October 18th until October 22nd. It is the world’s leading electronic music conference and the most significant club festival for the many electronic sub-genres on the planet. The event proposes a full program of daytime palavers, including interactive workshops, mentoring meetings, technical demonstrations, and in-depth round-table debates, alongside a nighttime music festival giving more than 220 events over five days. You too can join in this experience; some artists always try to create awareness about this month, and I know is hard to believe but is true, there are even stores where you can get your pink ribbon, so why not?

Voodoo Experience

Another festival that is almost at the end of the month is the Voodoo Experience, which is from October 27 till October 29. Every year around Halloween, thousands gather in New Orleans for the Voodoo Music Experience! This mega-fest features touring bands along with regional favorites. It is funny and exciting, so you should go there. I mean, you’re not going to go just to support Cancer breast, but you can wear something which shows your support for this campaign and talk to people about this if you can, and also, enjoy the music.

Credit: Kiki Ruiz

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