Putting together a fall outfit

Autumn is one of the most fun seasons to combine clothing; you can mix winter clothes with what you would probably use in the summer. Putting together a fall look could be seen as something difficult, but it is not impossible. The key to how to dress in autumn is always to combine three or four garments. You can wear a basic white shirt, with a jean or cloth trousers and a black blazer or brown jacket.

Another option is to wear dresses and skirts, combine it with jean jackets and scarves. For shoes the options are limitless. You can wear from flats to boots. Dare to mix clothes and enjoy a very hot style. Here we will tell you how you could get the best fall looks for the season; there are some styles that you might like so keep reading.

Tips on how to wear the best fall outfits in 2017

  • One of the easiest and comfortable looks this fall 2017 consists of jeans and fashionable slippers. Choose a model in a soothing colour. To complete the outfit with style, bet on wearing a maxi jersey with a three-quarter sleeve. If you feel like dressing in a slightly more posh look, change the sweater for an oversize shirt and your outfit will be glamorous.
  • Summer clothing can still be used in the fall. For this to happen, you just have to cover the top with a jacket. For the most classic look, choose a blazer in black colour (it matches with everything). But if you want to go for a daring look, you can opt for a more imaginative jacket with some striking print. For example a tartan plaid blazer. This print is a trend this fall 2017.
  • A total look in black is always a good option, especially for this fall 2017. The style is not too hard, and it can be combined with a long cardigan in beige or caramel. The result is a cute but simple outfit. By adding a couple of accessories, you can create a very feminine look and striking look. Complete the styling with narrow ankle boots and oversized sunglasses, and you will be the talk of the town.
  •  The mini and long style skirts are still very fashionable. With them, it is easy to get a perfect look for autumn. For this season, bet on a skirt with flying in an energetic and vibrant colour, for example, a fuchsia, emerald green, or red. As a top, it is best to wear a t-shirt or top in a plain colour or with a striped pattern. Complete the look with classic heels.
  • Knit sweaters are an ideal garment for this fall 2017 as well. Jerseys can be combined in multiple ways. You can wear them with jeans, but if you want to bring a trendier look, bet on combining them with a mini skirt. You can wear long socks to bring cheeky but fashionable look if you are a little cold, or you can not wear them and show off that killer legs.


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